Food is the key factor behind a productive, healthy and long life. Productivity is mandatory for an advanced community.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Hamidul H Khan, CEO

WELCOME TO FARGO – The Farmers Grocery

We bring Organic, safe and nutritious food directly from the farmers and source to your dining table. Our tagline is “Farm to Fork” in Bangla “খামার থেকে খাবার টেবিলে” to eliminate intermediaries who adulterate food for their own vested interest. Delivering natural food to the customer maintaining purity is our highest priority. That is why our food is branded as, “শুদ্ধতার মোড়কে প্রাকৃতিক খাবার”. We have most of grocery needy such as deshi rice, wheat flour, river fish, deshi chicken, deshi milk and deshi beef meat, mutton, ghee, honey, spices, sauces, yogurt and pickles.

Who We Are

FARGO is a research and knowledge based Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG) company committed to change the narrative of food safety and quality in Bangladesh. It started its journey in July 2020 during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Our research team revealed that Bangladesh ranks 104th out of 113 countries in the food safety and quality index (Source: Intelligence Unit, The Economist). Food adulteration and lack of food diversity is the main reason for our poor performance in the global index. This has serious detrimental impact on public health and economy. Number of cancer patients are on the rise. There are more than 15 lakh cancer patients in the country, according to an updated estimation of World Health Organization (WHO) (Source: The Daily Star). Every year 300,000 people become cancer patients and half of them die of the disease. 2 lac people become kidney patients. Experts say that food adulteration is the main reason for cancer and kidney diseases. A silent pandemic is going on due to food adulteration. FARGO aims to bring a paradigm shift in food industry of Bangladesh with a hazard to health dictum.


If you want a healthy, happy and long life for you and your family, you are at the right place.

Find us on Facebook @fargofood or call us on our hotline: +8801730712107 or landline +8802 -41081880.

We provide three categories of food i.e., Organic, Safe and Nutritious. Our food and grocery items taste original and better as they are grown naturally and free from adulteration. We provide complete solution of healthy and nutritious food and groceries.

Organic Food

Our Organic foods are mostly spices, pickles and vegetables which are grown naturally and collected from the selected farmers and organic farms from around the country ensuring traceability.

Safe & Nutritious Food

Our safe and nutritious food are free from adulteration sourced directly from the farmers and farms.

Why Choose Us

  • We follow rigorous SOP and food safety compliances at every step of sourcing, transportation, packaging and delivery.
  • We source products directly from the farmers from all over Bangladesh and selected organic farms and deliver to our clients directly.
  • No intermediaries to adulterate food products.
  • Our research unit identified that lack of respect for the consumers is the key reason for food adulteration which is why our motto is “We don’t deliver food, we deliver respect”.
  • We also provide nutrition, dietary and healthy living counselling services to our clients.
  • We also source product from government farms.
  • Most of our products are BSTI certified. Some of our products are homemade prepared sophisticated women.

Responsible Business

<!––>We pursue responsible business model to leverage between the interests of planet, people and profit of the business. Therefore, we promote environmental sustainability at every corporate aspect.

Our prime objective is to replace adulterated food and grocery from the shelves of our customers kitchen with organic, safe and nutritious food.

Secondly, we promote 3R i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging materials. Thirdly, replacing plastic with glass and biodegradable materials.

We believe creation of a healthy and environment friendly community is possible if we work in concerted manner with the consumers, regulatory authorities, businesses, academia and the community.