Prunes Pickle

Prunes Pickle

Fargo Prunes Pickle is not only delicious but it also acts as a natural antibiotic in the body. Fargo is offering Organic, Safe and Nutritious Prunes Pickle made from completely natural ingredients.


Prunes are a fruit that everyone loves. Many of us do not know the benefits of the prunes. It’s full of anti-oxidant and extraordinary nutrition. Prunes is called by different names in different places. It is called by various names including Kattingka, Flaumen, Hanita, Awabakhar, Presenta. In Bangladesh it is called Alu Bokhara. Prunes is usually used in cooking polao, biryani etc. Prunes can be used to make jams, jellies, sauces, cakes, pickles, etc. However, adding prunes to the list of foods will not only reduce obesity but will also help in maintaining it. So you can add prunes on your daily food list.

Ingredients: Prunes, cashew nuts, raisins, sugar, salt, spices, vinegar.

Why Eat Fargo Pickles?

  • Our pickles are 100% Safe, Nutritious and Healthy which are made from completely natural ingredients.
  • We ensure strict measures and food quality at every step of product collection, transportation, packaging and delivery. We collect the raw material of pickles from the farmers and sources and prepare the pickles under our own supervision and supply them directly to the customers. So our tag line is, “Organic, Safe and Nutritious food from the Farm to Fork.”
  • In the International Index of Food Quality and Safety, Bangladesh ranks 104th out of 113 countries in 2020. Our position in the index is so low due to food adulteration. Our own survey conducted in 2020 shows that food is adulterated due to lack of respect for consumers. So we say, We Don’t Deliver Food, We Deliver Respect. 
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