“Food is the key factor to ensure productivity and performance of a community facilitating national progress & development.
We want to render respect to our consumers through offering Organic, Safe & Nutritious food ensuring all compliances.”Hamidul H Khan, CEO

Who We Are?

FARGO is committed to change the narrative of food safety and quality in Bangladesh. Bangladesh ranks 107th out of 113 countries in the food safety and quality index (Source: Intelligence Unit, The Economist). Food adulteration and lack of food diversity is the main reason for our poor performance in the global index. This has serious detrimental impact on public health and economy. Cancer patients are increasing day by day and at present more than 15 lakh cancer patients in the country, according to an updated estimation of World Health Organization (WHO) (Source: The Daily Star). Every year 3 lacs people become cancer patients and 1.5 lacs die of the disease. 2 lacs people become kidney patients. Experts say that food adulteration is the main reason for cancer and kidney diseases. A silent pandemic is going on due to food adulteration. FARGO started it’s journey in July 2020 to bring a paradigm shift in food industry of Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us?

We source organic, safe and nutritious food directly from the farm to your dining table. That is why our slogan is “Farm to Fork” in Bangla “খামার থেকে খাবার টেবিলে” which is trademarked to eliminate intermediaries who adulterate food for their own vested interest. We ensure food safety compliance at every step of food supply chain i.e., sourcing, transportation, packaging and delivery. Our research and innovation team identified that lack of respect for the consumers is the key reason for food adulteration which is why our motto is to deliver respect and our corporate motto is, “We don’t deliver food, we deliver respect”. As we deliver fresh organic, safe and nutritious food product our trade mark tagline is, “শুদ্ধতার মোড়কে প্রাকৃতিক খাবার”. We source product from Hill Tracts, organic farms, government farms and farmers from all over Bangladesh. Our products are BSTI certified and homemade. We have two categories of products, premium and special.

We pursue responsible business model to leverage between the interests of planet, people and profit of business. Therefore, we promote environmental sustainability at every corporate aspect. Our prime objective is to replace adulterated food and grocery from the shelves of our customers kitchen with organic, safe and nutritious food. Secondly, we promote 3R i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging materials. Thirdly, replace plastic with glass and biodegradable materials. We believe formation of a healthy and environment friendly community is possible if we work in concerted manner with the consumer, regulatory authority, academia and leaders. We invite you to let us know your feedback or opinion to our CEO. email: [email protected] or landline: +8802-41081880.