FARGO, shortened form of Farmers Grocery, started off its journey during the mass outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, in July 2020 through a charity called ‘Mpathy’ which provided online consultations to 200+ COVID 19 patients. While working it was revealed that patients with poor immune systems experience severe consequences and suffer lasting illnesses and disabilities. Soon the root of the cause- adulterated food weakening immunity significantly- was brought to light. Therefore, Fargo started its operations since then through sourcing and delivering organic, safe and nutritious food in Bangladesh and gradually expanding our markets globally. Apart from food products Fargo works on solutions for strengthening immune system, preventing diseases and aging, improving life expectancy and so on. Hence, we have innovated natural nutrition-based health and beauty solutions based on food and nutrition science, advanced health knowledge and scientific research evidence. We are committed to removing contaminated food from the dining tables of the consumers. Thus, we pursue a responsible business model and put the highest priority on environmental sustainability. Fargo aims to use technology extensively both for growth and compliance assurance. Ethics plays a vital role in all our business operations.


`We don’t deliver food, we deliver respect’ with this motto, FARGO has been working since July 2020 to change the narrative of food safety and quality in Bangladesh. Our research revealed that lack of respect for the consumers is the key reason for food adulteration. Therefore, we follow rigorous SOPs and food safety compliance at every step of sourcing, transportation, packaging and delivery.

Bangladesh ranks 99th out of 113 countries in the food safety and quality index (Source: Intelligence Unit, The Economist). Food adulteration and lack of food diversity is the main reason for our poor performance in the global index. This has a serious detrimental impact on public health and the economy. Number of cancer patients is on the rise. There are more than 15 lakh cancer patients in the country, according to an updated estimation of the World Health Organization (WHO) (Source: The Daily Star). Every year 300,000 people become cancer patients and half of them die of the disease. 2 lac people become kidney patients. Experts say that food adulteration is the main reason for cancer and kidney diseases. A silent pandemic is going on due to food adulteration in Bangladesh and globally.

FARGO aims to bring a paradigm shift in the food industry of Bangladesh with a hazard to health dictum.

Food scientists, physicians, and nutritionists suggest that natural food products possess healing properties as nutrients remain unaltered.  This is why delivering natural food to the customer maintaining purity is our highest priority. That is why our main tagline is, “From Nature with Purity”. Our brand name Fargo is shortened form of Farmer’s Grocery.

Who We Are

FARGO is a knowledge-based Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG) company. We started our journey last year during the first wave of the COVID pandemic to boost the immunity of the people as the key tool to combat the notorious coronavirus disease through delivering safe and nutritious food to the people as suggested by doctors and nutritionists.

We source products directly from selected farmers, organic farms, government and private organizations and deliver to our client’s doorstep through digital marketing eliminating intermediaries who usually adulterate food products.

Fargo is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh but it delivers organic, safe and nutritious food, food supplements and natural nutrition-based health and beauty solutions globally.

We collaborate with farmers’ networks, farms, SMEs, nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists, health experts and herbalists.

Our products and services fall in three categories. Firstly, we deliver standard grocery items such as rice, wheat flour, fish, green chicken, natural raw milk and local beef meat, regular and green tea, mutton, ghee, honey, spices, sauces, brown sugar, yogurt, tomato sauce and pickles. Secondly, we deliver niche products such as protein powder, brain booster, organic food items, beauty products etc. Thirdly, we provide natural nutrition based Health and Beauty Solution (HBS).

Fargo is a solution oriented company. We have a dedicated research team who innovates natural health and beauty products to eliminate harmful chemicals from the kitchen selves, dining table and powder room of the consumers.


Fargo is a one stop solution for organic, safe and nutritious food. If you want a healthy, happy and long life for you and your family, you are at the right place.

Find us on Facebook @fargofood, Instagram & Youtube: Fargo Organic, call us on our hotline: +8801322902051 or landline +8802 -41081880.

We provide three categories of food i.e., Organic, Safe and Nutritious. Our food and grocery items taste original and better as they are grown naturally and free from adulteration. We provide complete solution of healthy and nutritious food and groceries.

Organic Food

Our Organic foods are mostly spices, pickles and vegetables which are grown naturally and collected from the selected farmers and organic farms from around the country ensuring traceability.

Safe & Nutritious Food

Our safe and nutritious food are free from adulteration sourced directly from the farmers and farms.


Fargo team includes our management, core staff, external consultants, doctors, nutritionists, and technical staff.


Hamidul H Khan


Rakibul Islam

Head of Growth and Operations

Prof Dr Anupam Hossain

Public Health & Communications Specialist, Fargo Health & Beauty Solution

Mahinoor Ferdows

Nutritionist, Fargo Health & Beauty Solution

Dr. Mahbuba Akter

Physician , Fargo Health & Beauty Solution

Sanjina Akhter

Head of Sales

Khadiza Mushfika

Business Analyst, lead- Compliance and Product Innovation.

Sadika Swarna

Natural Healing Counselor, Fargo Health and Beauty Solution (HBS)

Ali Eraisa

Lead, Social Media & Innovation

Babu Haque

Associate, Technology & CA

Parvez Hossain

Associate, Digital Marketing

Taseer Samiullah

Intern Growth, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Fargo Mart is the largest safe food chain in the country being implemented in major cities on franchise basis. To know more please email us at ceo@fargofood.com or call us at the number given on the picture.


  • We are a compliant export oriented safe food organization.
  • Customer service and satisfaction is at the core of our corporate policy.
  • We provide nutrition, dietary and healthy living services titled as Health and Beauty Solutions (HBS).
  • We source products directly from the farmers and farms. We also source from government farms and collaborate with government departments such as DOF and DLS. We work closely with two international organizations who work on food safety and sustainable agriculture.
  • Most of our products are BSTI certified. Some of our products are homemade, prepared sophisticated by stay home parents.