Health & Beauty Solution (HBS)
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Health & Beauty Solution (HBS)

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Original price was: ৳12,000.Current price is: ৳8,000.

Original price was: ৳12,000.Current price is: ৳8,000.

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Natural Nutrition Based Natural HEALTH & BEAUTY SOLUTION (HBS).

Did you know that the programming of your life has been installed in your brain during the first 7 years of your life?  Did you also know that every human being is a living zoo of trillions of independent cells. We need to take care of every cell of our body to be healthy.
Industry leader Dr. Bruce Lipton suggests, “Less than 1% of disease is caused by our genetics. Genes may be the blueprint for your body, but YOU are the architect.”

We don’t know how we can change our bodies through proper diet and nutrition. Dr. Michelle McMacken, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine said, “Medical School did not teach us much about food.”

FARGO Natural Nutrition-based Health and Beauty Solution (HBS) is developed on the most advanced and evidence-based knowledge on food, nutrition, and health science. Please find the flyer of HBS here and
fill in the survey form ( ) at your convenience to start the exciting journey of a healthy and fulfilling life.

In the International Index of Food Quality and Safety, Bangladesh ranks 104th out of 113 countries in 2020. Our position in the index is so low due to food adulteration. Our own survey conducted in 2020 shows that food is adulterated due to a lack of respect for consumers. So we say, “We Don’t Deliver Food, We Deliver Respect”.

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Customer service is second to noneDefinitely recommended.Good quality and Good service.Highly recommended!I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.Pricing is fair and transparent - definitely value for money.Product quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time!Taste is great!The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.