How Nutritious Food Can Offer You A Better Life

It is very important for every person to have 6 essential nutrients of food (carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and water) in a measured amount. Only healthy food can increase our performance in our daily life and guarantee a successful future. It is important to ensure food safety and consume nutritious food as well as we need to be aware enough to avoid contaminated food. Fargo provide organic, safe and healthy food. Our company guarantee the food quality and deliver respect to our consumers.

Our lack of knowledge about the food pushing us to an uncertain future. We focus on having delicious foods but don’t care about the food safety. Not all nutritious food are expansive, but because of not having enough knowledge, we don’t consume healthy foods. Besides, it is also a must to be very careful to follow the cooking process by maintaining the quality of the food. In low-income families, they can’t afford protein always. Bangladesh is self-contained in the field of agriculture and rice production. Yet a large population of this country is still at high malnutrition and food risk. Because we couldn’t guarantee people safe food. Bangladesh lags behind in supply of safe food due to lack of proper knowledge and inefficiency in food production and efficient management and marketing. Government and organisations should raise awareness among the common people, producers, marketers about production and marketing.

What are the causes of malnutrition?


  • The study identified poverty, lack of awareness of the right food and lack of safe food availability as the main cause of malnutrition.
  • Many people cannot afford to eat nutritious foods like fish and vegetables.
  • Many people are able to buy these foods, but they don’t know what food to eat, what should avoid
  • On average, an adult needs to consume 2100 calories a day.
  • So it turns out that people are eating three or four meals, and they are filling the calories they need. But it does not fill the necessary nutrients

  • Who suffers from malnutrition and why?

  • Childrens are the main victim of malnutrition. According to UESD, 36.4% childrens are underweight, 41.3% are stunting and 15.6% wasting.

<5 years children (%) BDHS 2011 MICS 2012-13 UESD 2013
Underweight 36.4 31.9 35.1
Stunting 41.3 42.0 38.7
Wasting 15.6 9.6 18.1

                      Table – BDHS –Bangladesh Demographic and Household Survey 2011, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2012-13

                                                                 Utilization of Essential Service Delivery (UESD) survey 2013

  • According to the government, 11.90% of the population below the poverty line in Bangladesh is mainly poor.
  • However, despite the purchasing power, a large population is suffering from malnutrition due to lack of awareness.
  • According to nutritionists, the nutritional requirements are different. Meanwhile, women are more likely to have a nutritional requirement during puberty and during pregnancy.
  • The way the mother is keeping an eye on the nutrition of the child in Bangladesh is to meet the needs of the children during puberty. The study also found that the nutrition of the elderly population is also neglected.

How much concern this research is about:

  • The study says that 21 million people in Bangladesh still do not have the capacity to provide nutritious food. As a percentage, it is 13 of the total population of Bangladesh. This rate is not very worrying.
  • The concern is that ‘87% of people have purchasing power, a large part of them are suffering from malnutrition. It is only due to awareness and lack of safe food availability.’
  • The study is believed to have been able to provide some new guidance on the food, food environment and the ability of the poor people of Bangladesh to buy nutritious food.

What to do:

  • First, increase the chance of getting a variety of nutritious foods.
  • The production of proteins has not increased to meet the shortage of protein. Availability of nutritional food is needed to keep people in the purchasing power of all classes.
  • Campaign to create healthy foods at all levels of society to ensure the presence of different types of food. This is why the practice of changing habits at the individual level is a step in the right needs social change. And this is the reason to increase investment at the public and private sector.

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